Monday, October 1, 2007

Coveted Label-Loden Dager

Created by a collective of artists and seasoned fashion designers--Oliver Helden, Paul Marlow, Matthew Sandager and Alex Galan,Loden Dager is one of the most directional menswear labels in the market, filled with amazing details and ideas that infuse art into fashion. The label made its debut at Gen Art back in 2006 and Loden Dager offers men great classic pieces, such as a cashmere knit sweater, or a brushed twill blazer, with a twist. Woven shirts are slim fitting, henleys are soft and sleeves are slightly long and slouchy. It's like a collection of a guy's favorite pieces- worn and familiar, with a dash of contemporary style.


brian said...

Thanks For the HOOKUP on that sic Loden Dager brother!

Covet para vida!


Anonymous said...

t's such a tickety-boo site. fanciful, acutely fascinating!!!




Anonymous said...

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