Friday, November 23, 2007


Even before you see the clothes, Los Angeles menswear label Endovanera (sounds like, but not limited to, "end of an era") has the makings of an all-American classic. Founded in 2005 by David Michael Hershberger and Mitch Moseley, the fledgling label can be traced back to an old Costa Mesa boathouse-turned-studio where Hershberger spent his time hand-sewing custom jeans and where the two designers had their first serendipitous meeting. "The modern design world has really begun to rely on computers for their design process," Mosely says. "To me, it is kind of like the difference between a DJ spinning on vinyl and spinning on a laptop. The laptop gets the point across but vinyl is just so much more real—it has more personality."

Stripe low crew $60
Solid Henley $68
Tailored Vest $145

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